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Taking a break!

As the title says, Witch-Crafty will be taking a break. I am so busy with another project that I simply don’t have time for Witch-Crafty right now. I will get back to it as soon as I finish the other project though.


Comic strips

I am on a comics course at the moment. We are making comic strips as our first assignment. I decided to make mine from the world of Witch-Crafty. Here are a few of them.

Oh, hi!

This is a new version of Witch-Crafty, a web comic that started in spring 2020. This is still not the final version. More of a work in progress. Don’t be surprised if pages change place and things happen with the web page as I am mainly using this as a base to test things for the final version.

So yeah, welcome to the world of Witch-Crafty!