Witch-Crafty is a comic about Ether, a cat with a cat. Ether is also a witch. Not a very good one, mind you, but you can get far with manuals and for dummies-books. Their adventures take place in a world where it’s raining elephants, elder gods are an every day thing and the unusual is usual. Sadly the same world also has the mundane like annoying workmates and conference calls that go on for hours. But you can’t have everything, can you.

The story of Ether saw it’s beginning in spring of 2020. First as a short comic in blog posts and then as a web comic, updated weekly. The newest version of Ether’s story started in fall 2021.

Sari Sariola on the other hand is an artist based in Finland.

Sari has been coloring comics off and on for the past ten years while also working with graphic design and making ginormous paintings, websites, sculptures and so on.

In the past year she has co-written and colored the webcomic Fenlands with Tuomas Myllylä and made her own project Witch-Crafty.

Sariola shares her life with a non-traditional family of creative people, plants and so many pets that everyone has lost count.